Tiny little update on House of Oddities: The Story of The Atrocity Exhibition. After the initial screening of the film back in November, I noticed that there was a need to refine the film a bit before releasing it to the world through tugg theatrical on demand, DVD, and video on demand. So there were a few steps taken.

1. Music- I took the liberty of contacting nearly all the bands that had their music recorded in the background of the event to ask for permission. Granted, as I followed the fair use guidelines for documentary filmmaking and these instances do fall in line, I felt it was the right thing to do. Almost all the bands gladly gave permission and every artist will be attributed in the credits. One that I did have to cut was the opening number to the show sequence. It hurt a lot, but the music in the background was the only piece from the film that belonged to a big music group and to not cut it could lead to lawsuits.

2. Still images and graphics- I am replacing all the title cards, lower thirds, and still images with high res versions. In order to get the film done on time for the screening, I had to sacrifice quality in these departments. For the mass viewings, this will be corrected.

3. Sound- For the past month, I’ve been working with Rob Gray, who provided the amazing music to last years event for the world’s longest strip tease with Lita D’Vargas. Rob has been going through the entire soundtrack for the film; cleaning it up and making it sound as good as the film looks. He just finished up yesterday evening and it sounds a million times better than what was screened in november.

Now that the sound is done and the graphics are nearly complete, I can start submitting to festivals, creating local screenings, and get this film submitted to tugg.com so that anyone in any city in the country can create a screening of this film for their community.

Keep posted here for news and updates on the film!

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