Review #2- Gross Movie Reviews- 4 out of 4 stars!

House of Oddities was reviewed not too long about by our friend, Tim Gross, over at Gross Movie Reviews.  You can check out the review here as well as the multitude of other reviews Tim has done on all manner of indie horror movie. 

House of Oddities: The Story of the Atrocity Exhibition (Vimeo/DVD) – 

An amazing documentary that takes you on the journey of how a local Atrocity Exhibition got started and how some very different and passionate people make it happen. Independent filmmaker Brian Cottington lends his talents in filming this small group of artists that want to entertain people whether through art, theater, dance, etc. And give the mainstream something that isn’t looked at as your typical sideshow or freakshow but true art or freedom of expression. Cottington gives you an inside look of how a small group of artists came together from many walks of life and put together a show that not only has a loyal following but grows by the minute. A show that is very different from anything you have seen before and to keep people in attendance guessing they change the show every year. I believe this is a perfect documentary filmed by Brian Cottington for the mere fact this isn’t something I am into but after watching this has my full respect for what they do. Oddities they are not, artists they are and I am grateful for that and the people who were apart of this documentary. I give this wonderful film 4 out of 4 stars and can be seeked out at .

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