House of Oddities Free Screening May 3rd!

If you pop on over to the House of Oddities facebook page you will see that a new screening has been announced today.   May 3rd, 7pm-9pm at Eddy Theater on Chatham University’s Shadyside Campus-Pittsburgh!

This will be the first screening of the final cut of the film that I’ve been plugging away at since the November screening.  This cut will include the brand new remastered soundtrack by Rob Gray, new graphics, and higher res still photos.  This version also deals with some of the recutting that had to be done to accommodate some of the copyrighted music that was in the background of performances.

So if you have nothing planned on Saturday May 3rd, come on down for a night of the bizarre with this awesome free screening of House of Oddities: The Story of the Atrocity Exhibition.

Check out the event details!

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