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Award and Updates!

What a crazy two weeks!  Indie Gathering and Horror Realm screenings were great.  We got to invade Ohio and screen the film among other film professionals at the Indie Gathering; plus we took home our awesome 2nd place award!                           Upcoming Screenings Here […]

Screenings, Screenings, and more SCREENINGS!

I wanted to give a big update on where you can catch a screening of House of Oddities. This weekend (August 15th & 16th) of course is the big back to back screenings in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Friday-August 15th @ 10pm-Crowne Plaza South-Carnegie Room House of Oddities will screen as part of the annual Horror […]

“House of Oddities” Announced For Screening At 19th Annual International Indie Gathering

              The Pittsburgh produced documentary film, “House of Oddities: The Story of the Atrocity Exhibition” by award winning Director Brian Cottington has placed 2nd in the Feature Documentary Competition and will be screened at the International Indie Gathering August 16th at 10:35pm at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center […]

House of Oddities Wins Best Director Award!!!

A little bit late in getting this out, but House of Oddities has won its first award!  On May 24th, House of Oddities screened as part of the Horror Realm Independent Film Festival at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont, PA.  This film was one of the only non horror films featured among the 9 different […]


“House of Oddities” will join 16 other films this weekend as part of Horror Realm Con’s Independent Film Festival.  This is our first official film festival selection and our first time back at The Hollywood Theater in Dormont, PA since November!  Screening time is set for 7:30pm on Saturday night- Don’t miss it!!! Be sure […]

Let the festival submissions begin……

Just wanted to give an update on the festivals that House of Oddities has been submitted to. First up, as detailed in the initial kickstarter campaign, we have the Coney Island Film Festival.  The birthplace really of American Sideshow.  This festival runs from Sept. 19th-21st.   Next up is the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.  This […]


Tiny little update on House of Oddities: The Story of The Atrocity Exhibition. After the initial screening of the film back in November, I noticed that there was a need to refine the film a bit before releasing it to the world through tugg theatrical on demand, DVD, and video on demand. So there were […]